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Sapphire has been employed with Dental 359 as the Front Office Coordinator since November 2018. You may recognise her as the first face you see when you walk through the doors here at Dental 359.

Sapphire is one of the youngest members of our team here at Dental 359, however, she is wise and capable beyond her age. Within the 22 months she has worked with Dr. Golestani, she has proven herself to be an impressive team member, always striving for excellence and is known as a trustworthy and mature member of the team.

We asked Sapphire to share a bit of her story with us.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is having the opportunity to meet all kinds of fabulous patients and becoming part of their Dental 359 journey. I feel very fortunate to witness all transformations, big and small. Nothing will ever compare to the feeling of seeing our patients undergo life-changing treatment with Dr Golestani, and the joy it brings to them. Each day is different to the next and everyone that walks through the door has their own unique story.

Who inspires you?

My answer to this question will always remain the same, my mum! My mum’s outlook and general attitude towards life has always been optimistic. No matter what challenge she is faced with, she will always remain humble, composed and grateful.

What would you most likely do in your spare time?

I am fortunate enough to have big family and spending time together is my number one priority. Any spare time I have will always be spent with my nearest and dearest. Whether that be with my siblings (all six of them!), nieces, nephews or parents. You can always guarantee there will be laughs and memories to last a lifetime.

Otherwise, you will find me on a walk around Joondalup Lake with my dog, Summer, or lounging around with any of my three cats Jagger, George and Coco.

What motivates you at work?

My colleagues! Having the opportunity to work alongside such talented and intelligent individuals is truly a pleasure. Not only do I want to go above and beyond for our patients, but also my teammates so that together, we all succeed. As they say … team work makes the dream work.

A quote you live by?

Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s thinking of yourself less.” CS Lewis

Sapphire looks forward to meeting you at your next visit to Dental 359. If you’re interested in booking an appointment or discussing your dental care options, Sapphire would love to chat with you. Phone 1300 625 625 now to discuss your options with Sapphire or to make an appointment with any of our wonderful team members.
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