Teeth Whitening Frequently Asked Questions

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Interested in brightening your smile?

Here at Dental 359 we see fantastic results from our patients enhancing their smiles with our Phillips Zoom teeth whitening treatments. With different options to suit different smiles it can be difficult to determine which to choose. Allow us to answer your questions and dispel any myths you may have heard about teeth whitening.

Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

Every patient is different and as such every patient has a slightly different experience with whitening. As a rule, we advise that most people experience some level of tooth sensitivity during the procedure; this can range from very minor sensitivity for most people and quite sensitive for others. This can be caused by various contributing factors such as gum recession, a past history of dentine hypersensitivity, old restorations, age and the overall health of your mouth.

You will be able to discuss any concerns during a complimentary consult with Dental 359.

This will allow our Dental Hygienist to take additional steps to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. These include, but are not limited to: applying a desensitising agent to your teeth immediately prior to your procedure and adjusting the LED light settings accordingly to control how much heat is emitted.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a range of teeth whitening treatment options including two in-chair treatments, and one at home treatment kit.

In Chair Treatment

Here at Dental 359 we offer Philips Zoom! In chair treatment for $750. Tip: Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages throughout the year for promotional offers where you can receive the same service for as little as $499!

Zoom! Take Home Whitening Kit

Our Philips Zoom! Take home whitening kits are $500 which includes your in house impressions for whitening trays, the whitening trays themselves and the whitening gel.

If you have private health insurance you can expect a rebate back for your treatment.

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How Long Will It Last?

Whitening treatments minimise existing tooth staining but depending on your recreational habits, your teeth may eventually become discoloured again. If you maintain your whitening it can help combat recurring discolouration.

Philips Zoom offers a variety of whitening options to help maintain your white smile and we are happy to discuss these options with you.

A patient of Dental 359 who achieved fabulous results with our In-Office Zoom Whitespeed!

Is It Suitable For Me?

Professional teeth whitening can seem like a miracle solution for stubborn stains and yellowing teeth, but is it the best option for your smile?

Professional whitening is best suited for people with permanent teeth and good oral health. If you experience symptoms like tender gums or a receding gum line, then you are likely to have some sensitivity to the chemicals in bleaching treatments.  If you have dental work on your front teeth such as; tooth-coloured fillings, crowns, and veneers it’s good to know that these will not be whitened like the rest of your natural teeth.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation

If you’re unsure if you’re a good candidate for whitening, contact Dental 359 to arrange your complimentary consultation with either Dr Golestani or our Dental Hygienist. They will also be inform you about what other options are available for whitening.

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