Gingivectomy / Gum lift

Gums are often forgotten whilst working toward attaining the perfect smile.

Some people show a significant amount of their gums when they smile. Some are even unable to close their mouth completely. There are different reasons for this situation: short lips, long maxillary alveolar bone (bone that harbours the roots of your upper teeth), gum disease, misaligned and protruded teeth and any disproportion of hard and soft tissues in this area.

A Gingivectomy is a cosmetic gum dentistry procedure which improves the aesthetics of your smile by ensuring the gum line of your teeth is in the best possible position to show off your teeth.

It is usually done in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments, such as veneers or crowns. The aim of a gum lift is to restructure excessive or uneven gum tissue surrounding your teeth so your gums are symmetrical and in proportion to your smile, rather than having a ‘gummy smile’.

The Process

The cosmetic gum procedure is quick and relatively painless. The gum area around the front teeth is usually the only area corrected, as this is the most visible section of your smile.

At Dental 359 we will cut into and reshape the unsightly gum area, using a soft tissue laser to seal off the blood vessels and minimise any bleeding. There are no stitches involved, and the procedure is usually very quick and relatively painless.

You should be able to eat and drink within 24 hours after surgery, and your gums will heal completely within the week after. Any pain after the procedure can be controlled using over the counter medicines, and should only be necessary immediately after surgery.

Average cost of a gingivectomy

A gum lift can cost anywhere between $150-$350 to remove and reshape the gum around a single tooth. Often, the problem isn’t limited to the area surrounding one tooth – it’s more likely to be multiple teeth. The average cost for reshaping multiple teeth varies between $1,000 – $3,000.

During your consultation with Dr Golestani, we will be able to provide a more accurate picture of the cost for your teeth. Contact our team today to organise your obligation free consultation.

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Transforming your smile can be a life changing experience. Smile Makeovers or Cosmetic Dentistry is very much about the appearance of your teeth but more importantly about restoring and improving the health and integrity of your dentition. To achieve this, at Dental 359, we pay close attention to every detail, from the initial consultation, the treatment plan phase, treatment and ultimately, follow-up care.