About Dental 359 Subiaco

Our Philosophy

‘To preserve your natural teeth for life, while maintaining your oral health at the highest level.’

The team at Dental 359 believe that the quality of service begins from the moment the patient contacts us. We will inform you of the latest procedures, supported by information and treatment options that would best suit you.

Our dental and clinical team are at the forefront of Cosmetic and All-on-4® Dental Implant technology and are trained to the highest standards.

Our Practice

Established over 17 years ago, Dental 359 is located in the heart of Subiaco has always been committed to excellence and the utilisation of the latest technology available for the care of our patients. Creating the most aesthetic and functional smile has always been paramount to the clinic and to Dr Golestani.

Dr Golestani has a passion for creating and emphasizing beautiful, aesthetic and functional smiles which is so evident in his workmanship. In addition, his dedication to leveraging innovation, advanced techniques and his meticulous nature allows his practice to deliver the best the field of Dentistry has to offer, right here in Subiaco.

The team at Dental 359 are trained and offered ongoing opportunities to further their professional development in a quest to give our patients the experience they deserve. The team complements Dr Golestani’s passion and dedication to patients. This creates a professional, friendly and encouraging atmosphere to support our patients through their treatment.

With our advanced dental technology and professional relationships with leading specialists, Dental 359 offers smile transformations to the people of Subiaco, Western Australia, Interstate and Overseas. Our beautiful facilities create a relaxing environment which helps to put any anxiety or fear to rest even before you are seen by the team.

You will arrive into our treatment rooms and will be greeted by one of our friendly team members and your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile begins with an initial consultation and treatment proposal that is designed especially for you.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful, natural and healthy smile, so call us now.


Non-Preferred Provider Dental Clinic Perth

Opting to become a non-preferred provider dental clinic is a deliberate choice that directly benefits our patients in several ways:

1. It grants us the independence to set our fees and structure our services according to our discretion. By not being bound by negotiated insurance rates, we can establish competitive and flexible pricing structures. This approach provides transparency to our patients, allowing them to customise their dental care to align with their unique needs and budget.

2. Choosing non-preferred provider status enables us to maintain a patient-centred approach to healthcare. Non-preferred providers have the advantage of dedicating more time to each patient. This means we can focus on creating personalised treatment plans and spend less time dealing with insurance-related administrative tasks. This level of individualised care enhances the patient experience and fosters stronger doctor-patient relationships, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Being a non-preferred provider allows us to avoid the administrative complexities that preferred providers often encounter. This efficiency results in reduced overhead costs and more effective resource allocation, ultimately benefiting our patients.

Getting Here

We’re located at 359 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA. Click HERE to view our practice and location details on Google.


Street parking is avilable along Rokeby Road and the surrounding area. The parking bays available in front of the practice have 1/2 hour and 1 hour limits.

For more parking areas, please visit the city of subiaco parking website.

Public Transport

We’re within walking distance of the Subiaco Train Station. Click here for walking directions between Subiaco Station and Dental 359.

Transperth Buses 25 & 97 stop regularly in front of the clinic at Stops: 17526 & 17524.  You can use the Transperth journey planner to plan your trip.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Rokeby Road can get quite busy throughout the day, drop offs and pickups may be best suited to Duke Street or the laneway behind our facility.

Emergency Information

We offer a range of emergency dental services. If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, please contact us immediately so that we can treat you, as teeth reattached within an hour have a much higher rate of treatment success.

Please view our emergency dental page for more information or get in contact with as on 1300625625 for an urgent booking.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please seek emergency medical attention. The nearest emergency room to Dental 359 is located at Sir Charles Gardner Hospital.