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Presenter 0:02
Until 8:30am, this is breakfast with Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas.

Steve Mills 0:17
You know when you get to the dentist, it always kind of shut up for two reasons one the pain and the bill is the other reason so there’s always a twofold guy, now I was amazed when I read this online today where Elliot Yeo plays football for the Eagles he dropped the mark and the black coming through cleaning him up and knocked over his teeth. They were looking for them on the ground. At halftime, they couldn’t find his teeth, but it says it’s gonna cost $70,000 to put his teeth back in.

Basil Zempilas 0:42
That might be right Millsy

Steve Mills 0:44
70 grand!

Basil Zempilas 0:46
It could be right

Steve Mills 0:47
could do it cheaper than couldn’t you?

Basil Zempilas 0:48
What, in the backyard?

Steve Mills 0:49
No $70,000 for two teeth

Basil Zempilas 0:52
Well, let’s ask an expert I want to know also why he didn’t have his mouthguard in, why he had taken it out. He had it in apparently 30 seconds before.

Steve Mills 1:00
They’re annoying, mouthguards. Have you ever worn one?

Basil Zempilas 1:02
Well getting your two front teeth knocked out is annoying.

Steve Mills 1:05
70,000 reasons not to. Hooman Golestani is a dentist he would have heard here on at 6PR. He’s the principal dentist at Dental 359. We thought we’d try and confirm whether he could make $70,000 in two front teeth. Good morning.

Dr. Hooman Golestani 1:19
Good morning, boys. How are you?

Steve Mills 1:20
Good buddy, should it cost $70,000 to get two front teeth?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 1:24
Well, I mean that does sound a little bit extravagant. From what I saw two front teeth? Well, probably not. I think that’s probably an exaggeration.

Steve Mills 1:32

Dr. Hooman Golestani 1:33
Not even close. Not even close. I think if even from what I saw, those two teeth went flying. They fractured in half. They had to be removed two implants. I mean, you could say an extravagance implant would be somewhere between nine and 10,000 apiece. I mean, seriously, that’s more than… I think that’s probably it

Basil Zempilas 1:51
Fair enough, so Hooman that we saw them all looking for the teeth out on the ground, had they found the teeth. What might they have attempted to do?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 2:00
Okay, there are two ways of looking at it. If the tooth comes out whole roots and all the first thing you do, shove it straight back in. If you have access to saline or milk, you rinse it out. Never rinse it in tap water because you’re going to kill all the cells on the roots, and then of course immediately either put it back in or shove it under the tongue or wrap it up in something so it doesn’t dry out and get yourself to a dentist.

Steve Mills 2:21
Put it under your tongue?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 2:23
Keep it under your tongue because your saliva is isotonic it’s the best thing to keep that in. Unless you have some milk or some saline solution.

Steve Mills 2:30
Right, so how long can the tooth survive? Like they were looking for it during halftime? Could it survive for like 20 minutes without having any treatment?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 2:38
I did trauma dentistry for many years and I can tell you I had cases where guys would walk in with their teeth in their hands and had been there for 45 minutes. We cleaned them under saline and put them back in wired them up and they took again so they’re pretty resilient. However, what I saw in the video where two teeth were flying all over the place. They weren’t the entire teeth, so chances are the tooth fractured and snapped and fell out. Now if it’s broken above the gum line yes it’s a very very possible chance you can stick them back on again and they can look pretty good, in the right hands they’ll work, however, if they’re fractured at or below the gum line, It’s curtains for the tooth and considering what you guys are telling me this morning it makes perfectly good sense.

Basil Zempilas 3:16
Would he have been in a lot of pain Hooman?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 3:18
He may have been initially, he would have gotten a good knock, the shock would mean no pain, after a while the pain kicks in, there’s a little nerve inside the tooth of course that gets stimulated. Yes, it certainly would be painful. I wouldn’t call it grotesque pain otherwise he wouldn’t have been out there continuing to play. But yeah, certainly there will be some pain.

Basil Zempilas 3:37
What about your speech? Does it change a lot if you haven’t got two front teeth?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 3:40
You know, I’ll tell you something. Without your two front teeth, you can barely say some of the sounds, you know the S’s the T’s the F’s are all dependent on, you believe it or not, your two front teeth.

Steve Mills 3:53
When you take your mouthguard out, because I must admit when I played footy it wasn’t at a high level but it annoyed the heavies out of me and I couldn’t concentrate by having a mouthguard in and I was lining up on goals. I used to whack it in my sock, is there any strategy in regards to the good spot to store your mouth guard?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 4:08
Well, if you put it in your sock, you’re potentially going to protect your shin just that little bit more. But the reality of it is Millsy, if you wear a dental mouthguard that’s made by a dentist properly fitted, you are going to reduce the likelihood of dental trauma by up to 90%. These are studies that have been proven. We know 50% of all children have some sort of dental trauma as a result of accidents during sports and a third of all dental trauma does happen during sports.

Basil Zempilas 4:10
So Hooman, incidentally, we know that it’s compulsory for most junior contact sports to wear a mouthguard which is just quickly then how quickly will he get these fixed up? But will he have an implant in straight away, or will that only be temporary and then you’ll get it done at the end of the season?

Dr. Hooman Golestani 4:51
Well, you know, I haven’t seen him so if I were to be treating him and what I think has happened, I certainly would think those implants should go in as soon as possible. So that they could heal up as fast as possible I think in about 12 to 14 weeks he could have a couple of teeth there. Now, of course, we’d always make some provisional temporary teeth to make sure that people do present themselves well, but I think he will certainly be undergoing some treatment for a good 12 to 14 weeks.

Steve Mills 5:14
I think he’s off there today as early as today Hooman, good to talk to you and it’s obviously a thing that a lot of us we can learn and that is to put our mouthguards in if we’re playing sport

Dr. Hooman Golestani 5:23
And a proper accurately made one by a dentist

Steve Mills 5:26
Good on Hooman Golestani their principal dentist with Dental 359. I don’t know any other Hoomans do you?

Basil Zempilas 5:34
Not, but he’s the man of the world.

Steve Mills 5:39
Can I say that when you saw that vision? to actually say the teeth flying through the air

Basil Zempilas 5:45
I said Amy, come and look at this replay. What’s happened. I said his teeth have been knocked out. Ah no, I can’t look you can look, it is pretty sickening, isn’t it? And I mean, it’s such a sensitive part of your mouth.

Steve Mills 5:54
Do you know what you learn from that though?

Basil Zempilas 5:56
You know where your mouthguard is.

Steve Mills 6:00
No, take the bloody mark kid. He’s a good fella, too. I spoke with him the other day at one of the Toyota dealerships on a Wednesday. Goodfella.

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